Director. Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller.

Rich has accumulated an extensive range of knowledge and experience through working in his early years on large-scale TV commercials and film projects.


Through this experience, he brings to the table, a unique outlook that is both fresh and a sophisticated. These modern ideas form the foundation in creating visual pieces that communicates clearly and succinctly, bold and at times, playful. 


The stories told through his lens portrays powerful emotion and echoes the subtleties of the human spirit.


Rich openly collaborates with a range of creatives from advertising agencies to film producers, marketing to brand managers. And with his diverse experience and skillset, Rich also works alongside other Directors and Cinematographers in a range of roles. 


Living in sunny Queensland, he loves spending time outdoors with his little Corgi 'Bonnie', craves a good hit of espresso on the daily and loves exploring the local restaurant and bar scene.


Calling Brisbane home, Rich works both nationally and internationally.

Client collaborations


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